European Clubs


Nowadays, we have a Scout network spread in more than 40 countries around the world and they watch and select more than 4.000 young players (from 15 to 19 years old) through more than 100 tryouts.
Our goal is to help the clubs with a Scouting network effective and fast. That’s why we are willing to strengthen our worldwide Scouting Network with the E-Scout project.
We are looking for professionial roles such as: coaches, sports directors, managers, scouts able to select and scout, in their own district or country, players ready for the Professional Soccer, mainly European.
Scouts will need to share their skills and knowledgments in order to organize local events (Try-Outs) in order to select and scout young players.
E-SCOUT will provide the technical, technology and coomunication tools, in order to get the material to give to the Professional Clubs (videos, Datasheets, reports).
We don’t require exclusivity; the Scout could keep working by his own with his activities. He will be paid both for the organization of the events and for the managment of the player.

How the e-scout network works

Our Scouts, without exclusivity constraints, collaborate
with the best European clubs and will have at their disposal:


The Scout will need to organize the event (Try-Out), promoting and getting the players’ registrations.

The matches will be made and recorded by our automatic video-camera. E-SCOUT staff will get the videos through the software and the technical reports of the players. Later, the staff will make the personal highlights in order to present to the Professional Clubs.

After, the player selected could be invited for an internal Try-Out with the club.

One of our scouts schedules the TRAY OUT event in a specific geographical area.

Anyone who intends to participate will be offered to participate in the auditions by completing their registration

Those registered for the event will be registered and, based on their role, will be divided into different formations.

Each game will be recorded to allow, even those who were not present, the vision of the entire game

The actions of the individual players will be extracted from the images of the entire game to make short 2 ‘- 3’ movies

The data of the individual players, their technical evaluations and the images of the matches in which they have participated will form a database of players for the interested clubs